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Processing time of applications for Schengen visa

Dear Applicant,

Kindly be informed that you may submit your application for a visa to Greece 15 working days before your departure date. Some applications may require further processing time, which could take up to 45 days. Applicants submitting their visa application at a Visa Application Centre in India other than the one in New Delhi, need to calculate 5 extra days to their minimum processing time as their visa application will first be dispatched to the GVCW New Delhi VAC for Greece, from where it will be forwarded to the Embassy of Greece - Consular Office in New Delhi the following day.
Your passport remains at the Greek Embassy until your application is processed.
When your passport is returned from the Greek Embassy, you will be notified to come and collect it from the Visa Application Center where you submitted your application or, in case where Courier Service is opted, the passport will be dispatched to your address on the next working day.

For more information please call us at +91 22 6786 6011 or contact us via email