National Visa (Type D)

A national long-stay “D” type visa allows its holder to enter and stay in Greece for more than 3 months. It may be issued for various purposes such as employment, study, academic research, participation in cultural, scientific, religious events, family reunification. Holders of a national visa have the obligation to apply for a residence permit to Greece immediately after their entry to the country.

The applicant must submit an application for a visa for a long stay in Greece as well as the supporting documents, that are requested according to the purpose of the intended stay.

In order to locate which documents correspond to your application, please refer to the following lists on this website: family reunification, employment visa and study visa. For other categories of long-stay visa, please visit the website: or contact the Embassy

Immigration Approval Letter

Please note that prior to the submission of the applications, all applicants should obtain an approval letter from the Department of Immigration in order to courier the passport to the Embassy of Greece –  Consular Office in New Delhi.